Product description

Minimum requirements

Firefox 2.0, IExplorer7.0
min. Resolution: 1024*768
We provide a webpacket with your own WWW address and e-mail addresses.

>> Introduction: WCCS - Web Customer Coordination System is the web application for your business.

If you have a business where you need to coordinate your workforce across multiple locations, our solution can be profitable.

  • Cleaning company
  • Security companies
  • Time employees
  • Etc.


Our system enables you to efficiently manage your customers. The system differentiates your customers into two categories. Once the companies you work for and your employees that you send to these customers to work. For these two categories, calculations are always available to inform you directly about your current profit and loss. You can call these cost estimates in different variants (monthly, annual, labor, company costing).
Each customer understood as a company can be assigned to two other categories. You can create these two categories as you like. This will give you the opportunity to customize the system to your needs.

>> Multilanguage:

The system can be extended to a language of your choice. The following languages are currently available: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese.

>> Map:

A built-in Google Map shows you all the customers on a map. This gives you a geographical listing of your customers and allows you to see at a glance which location is behind a specific address.

>> Companies:

Company is one of the top categories in the system. Here you can enter all your customers on which you distribute your workers. Each company has its own calendar showing all assigned workers. This will give you an organized interface that will tell you exactly on which days and at which times workers of yours work there.

>> Worker:

Worker is one of the top categories in the system. Here you can create all the workers that you distribute to the previously registered companies. Each worker has his own calendar view. In the calendar view you can define exactly where and when, this worker works. Whether at one or more locations in one day. This option lets you easily and efficiently distribute and organize your workers.

>> Calculations:

Each registered company and registered worker is listed in a calculation. These calculations automatically result for you. When you send a worker to a specific company for a day, the calculation automatically calculates what costs and what profit you make. This gives you full control over companies and workers who are in the red. And all with just one click.

>> Area Categories:

The environmental categories give you the opportunity to divide your companies into areas. In some places in the system companies can be filtered out that are just not interesting for you in a particular work process.

>> Business Categories:

The company categories give you the opportunity to differentiate between the registered companies. You can assign any color in the system to any category. This gives you the ability to customize your system individually for your business.

>> PDF Document (detailed description):

PDF download PDF Document   In this document, most of the features are shown in more detail. It's worth taking a look to see more of the surface and how it works with the system.

>> System Builder:

>> System Video :